Industrial Management Studio

Industrial Engineering- Brawijaya University

Organizational Structure

10 - 01 - 2015 IMS

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Duties of Industrial Management Assistants:

  1. Assist the Head of Studio in the field of education, research, and community service in accordance with the field of science in Industrial Management Studio.
  2. Provide support and contribution in research activities, scientific discussions, and trainings organized by the Industrial Management Studio.
  3. Assist Industrial Management Studio’s daily activities such as maintaining comfort, cleanliness, security, information management, and so forth.
  4. Responsible to the Head of Industrial Management Studio.
  1. Assistant Coordinator
    1. Coordinate with the Head of the Studio within all activities undertaken in the Studio.
    2. Coordinate and be responsible for all activities in the Studio.
    3. Establish good relationships with fellow Studio assistants and with the external parties.
  2. Knowledge Development Division
    1. Help align stakeholder’s needs in the field of industrial management with the lessons delivery plans.
    2. Helps to align the lessons delivery plans in the field of industrial management and practicum materials.
    3. Help develop the module according to the evaluation result at the end of each practicum.
    4. Help develop internal training in the field of industrial management in accordance to lessons delivery plans and practicum.
    5. Implement and manage assistance to simplify the process of practicum.
  3. Operational and Quality Assurance Division
    1. Store and prepare documents for the quality audit system.
    2. Documents all activities undertaken in the Industrial Management Studio for audit purposes.
    3. Assist the evaluation of audit results for improvement.
    4. Manage everything related to administration such as the wall magazine operations, correspondence, and so forth.
    5. To undertake inventory of facilities and to monitor the use of such facilities and infrastructure.
    6. Manage the finance of Industrial Management Studio.
    7. Manage human resources, such as conducting a series of assistant recruitment program.
    8. Responsible in facilities, procurement, and lending of inventory
  4. Research and Development Division
    1. Providing the latest information in the field of industrial management through related research in the field of Industrial Engineering.
    2. Carry out community service that is useful for the development of knowledge and expertise in Industrial Engineering.
    3. Conducting external training for Industrial Engineering students and other disciplines related to Industrial Engineering.