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The BPower Team Won Third Place in the National Business Plan Competition Competition, The 12th Management E[x]posed

January 23, 2018 IMS Activities, News

The 12th Management E[x]posed is a nationwide event organized by the Management Student Society (MSS), Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia. The theme of the 12th MX is “Technopreneur Era: Overcoming Digital Economy Disruption through Optimization and Innovation”. The event consists of Training, Talkshow, Company Visit, National Business Plan Competition, and Marketplace Laps.

Active students of Industrial Engineering, Brawijaya University, batch 2014, that consisted of Khairina Hazimah Syafirin, Deka Herdani Kusumastiti, and Ahmad Huzaini won the 3rd place in the National Business Plan Competition event which is one of the events from Management E[x]posed. Here was the journey of the Bpower team.

28 Agustus – 29 Oktober 2017 Pitchdeck Preparation and Collection
10 November 2017 Announcement of 15 Best Team
26 November 2017 Technical Meeting and Training
27 November 2017 MX Talkshow (Grand Theme “Technopreneur Era: Overcoming Digital Economic Disruption through Optimization and Innovation”)
28 November 2017 Company Visit (PT. Kudo Teknologi Indonesia (KUDO))
29 November 2017 Presentation Day
30 November 2017 Dinner with MX
2 – 3 Desember 2017 Lapak Loka (Startup Exhibition)

The training given to 15 teams was delivered by Joshua Agusta, Head of Protofolio of MDI Ventures on how to create a pitchdeck for Business Plan to be appealing to the investors.

Presentation Day, was the most crucial thing where 15 qualifying teams have to show their best to some of the judges that consist of:

-Budi Handoko (Founder of Shipper Indonesia)

-Budi Purwanto (Commissioner of Treasure Fund Investama)

-Deri Slyrova (Marketing Manager of Zomato)

-Didi Diarsa (Founder of Code Margonda)

-Fahroni Arifin (Head of Brand Communications at Hutchison 3 “Tri” Indonesia)

-Helmi Rofiqi (Head of Web Engineering Kudo x Grab)

-Hillary Luwena (Investment Officer at Kejora Ventures)

-Joshua Agusta (Head of Portfolio at MDI Ventura)

-Reza Aggi Prasetyo (Co-Founder of PT Jakmall Digital Niaga)

Dinner with MX, is one of the highly anticipated event for the Business Competition participants because one of agenda was the announcement of the three winners. Here are the winners in the competition:

1st Winner: Banana Shape – Universitas Indonesia

2nd Winner: Hi Team – STP NHI Bandung

3rd Winner: Bpower – Universitas Brawijaya

Winners were participated in the M[X] LAPAK LOKA STARTUP EXHIBITION event in Gandaria City where all visitors can experience an exhibition with a full range of innovative and creative startups from various backgrounds and a panel discussion on 2 December, a special presentation from South Jakarta Police Chief on the application Qlue.